Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off

Most homeowners have a wish list of improvements they’d like to see done to their home.  Deciding which project is a priority often comes down to the highest return on investment.  Having this information will allow you to determine which project(s) should be a priority.

 Improvements with the Highest Return on Investment (80% or more)*:

  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Decking
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

 Improvements with the Lowest Return on Investment (60% or less)*:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Sunroom
  • Master Suite
  • Garage Addition
  • Home Office

 Planning on selling?

Realtors, contractors and architects agree that replacing a leaky roof is imperative when putting a home on the market.  As a homeowner, you need to see the value in replacing your roof as opposed to updating interior paint colors which the next home owner will likely change anyway.  Even though a novice may have a tough time telling when a roof should be replaced, their home inspector won’t. 

Curb appeal counts.  If a potential buyer drives past your home and doesn’t like what they see on the outside, it’s unlikely they’re going to ask their realtor for a showing of the inside.  An attractive deck that shows an inviting outdoor entertaining space can entice potential buyers to see what the rest of your home has in store for them. 

What Every Home Owner Should Keep in Mind:

Bottom line, all homeowners should keep home maintenance a top priority; it’s much more cost effective to be proactive and replace deteriorated fixtures as needed rather than having multiple home improvement projects on your hands at the same time. 

*Source: www.angieslist.com

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