THEY’RE BACK…Box Elder Bugs And Asian Lady Beetles!


Box Elder bugs and Asian Lady Beetles have come out of the woodwork this time of year. Due to our warm fall and early spring, this year they are extra active.  Box Elder bugs and Asian Lady Beetles don’t just magically appear in your home – they have to get in somehow. The best way to prevent these bugs from coming onto your property and in your home is to reduce access points that they try and invade.

During the fall, as weather cools, these insects may crawl under your siding or shingles and get into wall voids and attics.  They will figure out a way to shimmy into the smallest cracks and also may enter near your foundation. Box Elders and Asian Lady Beetles are really harmless to your property – they are more of a nuisance than anything. They can stain your curtains and walls if they are in abundant quantities in your home and Asian Lady Beetles also have been known to nibble, nip or pinch humans. The smallest crack in your foundation or the most miniscule gap between your windows and your windowsills can give them access. Take the time to completely seal your home and they won’t be able to get in at all.

Home Invasion Prevention Tips

  • Install tight-fitting door sweeps or thresholds at all exterior entry doors.
  • Replace and repair damaged doors and window screens.
  • Seal cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, vents, light fixtures and air conditioners. Use weather stripping or a good quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk. Larger gaps can be sealed with spray foam insulation, glass or stainless steel wool.
  • Around garage doors, install a rubber seal rather than vinyl, which seals poorly in cold weather.
  • Install insect screening over attic and exhaust vents to prevent entry.
  • Keep lights off at night near doors that may be opened since these bugs are attracted to lights.
  • Rake leaves and unnecessary weeds and grass adjacent to your home, on decks, patios and in your driveway.

If you are like many of us you already have these insects invading your spaces and there are alternatives to synthetic insecticides you can use to get rid of them. The mixture is either ½ cup laundry detergent or vinegar in one gallon of warm water. Then pour this into a spray bottle. You will want to test your mixture first on an inconspicuous spot before applying it to the entire area. The reason for doing a test patch is because it might stain certain materials such as cedar and other siding. You can then apply this onto the bugs as often as necessary. This mixture will only affect the bugs that are sprayed and not prevent them from returning to the entry site.

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