We Network To Be The Best Of The Best…Are You?

In the competitive world that we live in today, you need to be the best of the best at what you do in order to stay ahead of the curve. Networking with people that are in similar industries will not only help your ROI, but it will give you a zest for what your business is all about. It does sound like an oxy-moron to share some of your best kept marketing and management secrets, but in reality it will help you improve company morale, increase your marketing efforts and give you guidance on how to handle specific situations and hurdles that you may need to overcome.

Networking allows you the opportunity to bounce ideas and theories off of your peers increasing your knowledge. It providesyou with ideas to implement in your current business practices. Networking permits you to be authentic, genuine and also provides the ability to build relationships with some the industries finest. The best part about getting involved in activities that offer this is that you are surrounded by a group of like- minded professionals, who are inspired to help you create your ideal business culture.

provides a forum to bring together the best-of-the-best minds in the remodeling industry. These are the entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, and the innovators who lead the industry to meet the challenges of success and to withstand the rigors of tough times. PRIME connects you to the people, resources and expertise you need to be successful today and throughout your continued career. Meet with executives who, like you, are successful in the remodeling industry and who desire to take their business to a higher level of excellence.*

We are members of and recently went to Chicago for one of their networking events. It was hosted by their president, Joy Kilgore, who is an absolute pleasure to be around and is an expert in building relationships that result in opportunities for creating advantageous business connections. We were able to rub shoulders with some of the elite in the remodeling industry from Whirlpool Corporation, Cambria, Case, Kohler and many more. Our first day began with an architectural river cruise as an ice breaker for the group. Our next day was plump full with motivational speakers discussing knowing and understanding your clients, developing strong media relationship, identifying gaps and downtime in your business as well as how to build better customer service models. The most motivating factor after a day filled with meetings is that you can hardly sleep at night because you have a pool of amazing ideas that you can’t wait to implement. We would highly recommend looking into joining a networking group in your area of expertise. You will see the benefits of being a part of a group like this unlike any other programs you have been a part of hands down.

In our world of economic uncertainty and also being cautiously optimistic for what this next year has in store for us being able to share stories and ideas with your peers is a great way to stay on top of your game. Most networking groups will either have a topic of discussion or break you out into more personalized and specialized groups. Usually there will be a few speakers chosen to give presentations to inspire you as well as open communication brainstorming sessions where you are able to bounce ideas off of one another. If you are in the remodeling industry and would like to join a top-notch networking group visit http://www.executivebusinessapproach.com and sign up to become a member of .

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*Content originated from http://www.executivebusinessapproach.com