Bring Your Home Up-To-Date Without Weighing Down Your Pockets

If you are like many of us finding the time and money to modernize your home might be a challenge. Don’t feel like it is a daunting task to update your current living space. A lot of these ideas below could easily be done in a day if not in one weekend. These are simple, less expensive, ideas that will rejuvenate multiple rooms and areas in your home to create the look you desire.

1. Turn your kitchen into an entertaining haven– the kitchen for many families is the heart of the home where your children and friends congregate for dinner, entertaining and casual discussion. Since you spend a lot of time in and around this space, why not add some inexpensive upgrades to make it look more contemporary? A few inexpensive ways to make your kitchen more present-day are:

  • Change out the hardware on your kitchen sink area
  • Purchase new hardware for your cabinets
  • Swap out old light fixtures and also add accent lighting above or under cabinets
  • Refinish or paint the fronts of your cabinets and drawers
  • Even better, remove your cabinet doors to showcase your beautiful dishware
  • Purchase an island on wheels that you are able to use for storage and another cooking area

2. Give your appliances a facelift – When you look around your kitchen area do you see outdated or mismatched appliances ranging from white, cream or black? Consider updating these appliances to not only be more energy efficient, but it will also give your kitchen a more polished look. If purchasing new appliances is not in the budget research panels for your current appliances that you can switch out to match the rest. Also,  appliance paint can do wonders on a tight budget.

3. Revitalize your bathroom – the bathroom is the second most vital area of your home behind your kitchen. Think of how much time you spend in there getting ready or taking a nice relaxing bath. Some simple inexpensive ways to make your bathroom area more tranquil are as simple as purchasing a new toilet or toilet seat and swapping out your outdated sink. If you have old laminate flooring that does not accent your bathroom consider looking into the newer, easy to install vinyl flooring. If you have not checked out vinyl flooring in years it is time to make a trip to the home improvement store or contact your local contractor because your options now range from patterns that look like stone, cement, wood and many other materials instead of the speckled dotted vinyl you are probably used to. The best thing about vinyl flooring is that if your bathroom floor is in reasonable shape you can simple lay down your new product right over your existing floor without having to rip up your current floor covering. If you have tiles in your tub or shower look into cleaning the grout lines or even re-grouting the area with a different color of grout can increase the beauty of your washing area.

4. Refresh your home with paint – When is the last time you bought a gallon of paint and painted a room to update it? Painting is the single most efficient way to update large spaces in your home. Using more neutral colors of paint in your home will not only make your rooms look larger, but it will also take it from 1970 to 2012 in a hurry. If you are plagued with floor to ceiling paneling in your home, paint it. Most people do not consider painting paneling and believe they have to remove it from their home and sheetrock, but paneling paints surprisingly well if you use a primer. If you have smaller rooms to work with, paint three walls one color and the fourth as an accent color. Another hot new trend is using painting tape to make lines and designs on your wall to give the walls more depth and almost a three dimensional look.

5. Make your home more organized – if you have children and feel like you are constantly picking up after them, consider making modern storage spaces. You can recycle and old dresser that is taking up space by removing the drawers and adding canvas crates. Make wood boxes that you stack in unconventional ways to make your storage area more of a piece of art. If you have open staircases fill that area up with canvas crates and now that area that wasn’t functional before has a purpose.

6. Rent a power cleaner – if you have carpet in your home, an easy way to bring zest back to it is having it cleaned. You do not have to hire a carpet cleaning company to have this done; you can rent a carpet cleaner/shampooer at a local grocery or home improvement store. If your carpet is or stained, a good cleaning will dramatically change the aesthetic value of your living space.

7. Swap out your lights switches and plugins – Who thought that updating your switches and plugins would make a difference, but it truly does. You will be able to add consistency in color as well as be able to enhance the mood lighting in your home. Consider purchasing dimmer switches that will allow you to go from daytime to evening setting an ambiance for entertaining or relaxation.

8.Special financing – if you feel that your larger home improvement projects have been put off too long because of not having the money upfront talk to your local contractor because most of them offer financing options. We, at Lindus Construction, offer financing options to fit your needs. We have a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months no interest no payments, also low interest rates with low monthly payments that you are able to spread over a longer period of time and also the financial institutions that we work with can work directly with our customers to develop a financing solution for almost any situation.

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