Upcycling? Be Creative During Your Home Renovation Project!

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. The term upcycling began to gain traction in the mid 90’s. Upcycling allows you to re-invent and re-use materials in your home that are free and could be frightening in abundance during your remodeling process. Since reducing your carbon footprint and waste production seems to be headline news in today’s world take on one of these inspiring upcycling projects and do your part that will benefit the Earth as well as the character of your home. You are able to upcycle all different kinds of items during your home renovation such as wood siding, doors, windows, metal roofing and shutters just to name a few. By easily stripping, painting or even using as is the upcycled materials you will be able to have a center piece in your home that will be desired by many. Below we will discuss some of the resourceful ways to turn your remodeling project debris into stunning focal points in your home.

Wood Siding & Reclaimed Wood
If you are having your wood siding replaced on your home or tearing down an old barn or shed don’t feel that you need to throw away all of the material that is being taken off. A way to upcycle these products are:

•    Make a headboard

•    Build a bench or table and chairs

•    Use it as flooring that you sand and refinish

•    Frame mirrors or make into a useful chalk board frame

•    Add it to your walls as wainscoting

•    Build an island for your kitchen or bar area

When replacing your old shutters be sure to save them. Shutters are very versatile when it comes to upcycling in your home. Trust us; you will not believe the endless possibilities with a product you would normally not think twice about discarding.

•    Doors to an armoire

•    Window treatments inside your home

•    Mail organizer

•    Pantry Doors

•    Garden Bench

•    Ceiling Tiles

•    Shelving with hooks

•    Wall Art

•    Clothing Racks

Windows & Doors
Usually the reason that you replace old windows and doors is because they are no longer energy efficient and usually need a facelift due to age. This is why these two products when you are having them replaced in your home look incredible when upcycled. These two products are much desired in the world of upcycling and here is how you can incorporate them into your current living space.

•    Window planters

•    Greenhouse

•    Laundry hamper

•    Picture frame

•    Display case

•    Flower box

•    Tables

Metal Roofing
Who knew that metal roofing could look so cool in your home! These amazing home design ideas incorporating corrugated metal roofing in your home will knock your socks off.

•    Shower area

•    Ceiling tiles

•    Fencing

•    Gardening beds

•    Kitchen backsplash

•    Tree house for the kids

Upcycling movement going on at Lindus Construction

We have a few ladies in our office, Carla Benson, Amy Jilk and Sara Haase, who are starting to become upcycling masters. We have large dumpsters here where our crews come and unload debris materials from the job site. It is not an uncommon sight to see these three out digging for treasure. The ladies are so accustomed at looking for these diamonds in the rough the guys here know to set aside certain items for them such as doors, windows, wood etc. Here are a few pictures of some of their upcycling masterpieces they have created with other people’s trash that has become their own treasure. If you like creative ideas make sure to join Pinterest. If you are already on Pinterest follow us at http://www.pinterest.com/linduscon or Pin our website at www.lindusconstruction.com.

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