Enhance Your Ceiling And Renew Your Living Space

Homeowners frequently forget their ceiling is a whole new world to add dimension and value to their home. Most ceilings are white and left untouched for the span of your home’s lifetime. The ceilings in your home make up a large percentage of space. They do not need to be neglected. Get creative with the abundance of options available on the market today and express your ceiling as a centerpiece in your room instead of just a structure. Below are some ceiling options that you can incorporate in your home.

Post Beam Ceiling

Post beam ceilings are an eye-catching visible skeleton of the timber frame in your home. Picture a timber framed barn and you might be able to visualize it better picture. If your home is not currently featuring a post beam ceiling, you can incorporate it into your existing home. If you have low ceilings you can raise the roof to create more space and add decorative beams across the room. If you have a standard ceiling height, usually 8 feet, you can install what are called half-beams. You will get the same effect, but it will not lower your ceiling height. To add that extra touch use old barn beams or dark mahogany colors. To make your space look even larger, paint the beams the same color as your ceiling.

Coffered ceiling

These types of ceilings date back to the Roman and Greek era where they were used to make stone ceilings lighter. The architectural detail of coffered ceilings divide drop beams into a grid which usually forms the shape of a square or a rectangle. Coffered ceilings add a great illusion to any room. Coffered ceilings are really suitable for any room, but are commonly found in living or dining rooms. The addition of recessed lighting will add a wonderful touch and add reflective light throughout your entire room.

Drop Ceiling

This type of ceiling is lower in height and used to give the room a very modern, elegant and cozy look. You may also have heard it referred to as a false or suspended ceiling. This type of ceiling is a staple of modern construction and architecture. You can use drop ceiling tiles making a grid, then suspending it from the ceiling with wire or have the entire ceiling structure dropped as one unit. You see most drop ceilings in a basement and they work great to cover up a maze of electrical wires, plumbing lines or heating ducts.

Tin Ceiling

Tin ceilings are an affordable way to add a decorative touch to your ceiling. They come in multiple designs and styles and are either square or rectangular. You can screw, staple or glue them into place. Snap lock tin panels can be screwed directly into drywall. The nail up type will require a wood backing. Due to the extensive pattern choices available on the market today, the pattern possibilities are endless and you can achieve an elegant, eye-catching wonder in your room. They most typical colors are white, silver and copper, but the range does not stop there. Tin ceilings will add a striking touch to your room. Since not all ceiling tiles are created equal we would recommend using tin verses plastic or Styrofoam options on the market. One of the big statements regarding ceiling tiles is that they are fire rated or self-extinguishing. Many are, but some burn really well and that is why we would recommend using tin as your optimal choice.

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