Transform Your Home Into a Relaxing Oasis

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Balancing car pools and career instead of dinner reservations & travel plans?  If your next vacation is nowhere in sight, consider taking changes to transform your home into your personal retreat.  It’s something worth considering when you take into account the amount of time you spend there.  While there’s some effort needed to make changes that will transform your home into a relaxing oasis, it’s not as much trouble as you’d think.

BedroomWhat are the top reasons you love visiting a day spa?  Pick your favorite features: smells, sounds, surroundings, etc. and imitate them in this space.  Try incorporating peaceful music, scented candles, essential oils or flowers.  Scents known to promote relaxation include: lavender, chamomile, vanilla, sandalwood & jasmine.  One of the biggest perks of a luxury hotel is cozy bedding, so be sure to incorporate this at home too.  When you do the math, over two days each week are spent in bed so why not splurge?  Painting your walls a cool color (like blues & greens) can also subconsciously suggest relaxation.  Keep your stress levels down by keeping your room clutter-free.  Opt for soft, rather than florescent, lighting from lamps which will create a relaxed setting.

Bathroom  For a spa-like feel, arrange candles of various sizes on a small plate surrounded by smooth pebbles or rocks.  Roll towels rather than fold them for an added touch of class; you can even repurpose a wine rack to be a towel holder. Select a wall color that promotes a soothing atmosphere.  (Need help?  Read our blog about it: Incorporate elements of nature in your décor such as wood, stones, plants & shells.  Bowl shaped sinks add value and a modern touch.  Even if your bathroom is small, it can be opened up with skylights.  Shower heads with multiple settings allow you select the one that best bans stress.

Throughout Your Home-While the bathroom & bedroom are the easiest areas to change, here are a few ideas of other things you can do around your home to create a more relaxing atmosphere:

-Cozy furniture promotes comfort no matter what you’re doing. The same goes for oversized plush pillows that can provide additional seating on the floor.

-Don’t overcrowd walls with lots of artwork or photos.  A minimalist approach will make rooms feel larger.  Consider painting an end table or book shelf the same color as the wall it is placed next to which will create the illusion of more space.

-Creative storage-Store mail, magazines, books, etc. in an ottoman or decorative basket to avoid clutter.

Entryway-Add excitement from the moment you walk in the door by decorating with accents you love.  This could be a favorite piece of art, a vase of fresh cut flowers or even a tabletop fountain.

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