What Would MacGyver Do?

Fans of the 80’s TV show MacGyver may appreciate the agent’s ability to utilize common household items to solve major problems.  While we’re not going to advise you on how to short out a missile timer with a bent paper clip or dodge the CIA with a confetti cannon filled with make-up powder, we can offer you some slick solutions to common problems using items you likely have laying around the house.  We’ve scoured the web to find the most “MacGyver-worthy” solutions.  Check them out:

Hairsprayremoves ballpoint pen ink on various surfaces.  Use care when applying to fabric, as it can discolor certain types.  Spray the end of the thread with hairspray to make it easier to insert into the eye of the needle.

Toothpastecan remove crayon marks.  Simply rub non-gel toothpaste on a wall and work through with a dampened cloth and marks should disappear.

Large Freezer Bags-Shower head squirting in multiple directions because it’s in need of a cleaning?  Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure to shower head with a rubber band.  Let sit until the grime has been released.

Vodka-residue left over from stickers and labels can be eliminated by rubbing a clean soft cloth soaked in vodka on the offending area.  Reward yourself for the quick work with a martini when you’re finished!

Used Coffee GroundsFreezer smelling funky?  Fill a bowl with used coffee grounds and a couple drops of vanilla.  The scent will dissipate.

Alka-SeltzerVases are a real pain to clean out.  Spare yourself the scrubbing by dropping 2 Alka-Seltzer tablets into a vase and fill it to the brim with water.  Problem solved!

Baking Soda- Struggling to get stains out of coffee pots and cups?  Add some baking soda and water to the container and let sit until the stains are removed.

Socks-Packing breakables?  Skip the bubble wrap and newspaper and wrap what you can in socks, t-shirts and towels.

Disposable Showercap-Snag these when you’re traveling and place them on the soles of your shoes when you place them in your suitcase.  This will prevent the grime from ending up on your clothes.

Yogurt Container Caps-Prevent paint dripping by cutting a slit on the top of a yogurt container and sliding it onto a paintbrush handle.

Scotch Tape- Place on a wall before nailing and it will prevent the paint from chipping.

Lemon Juice-Squirting lemon juice onto sliced apples, pears, etc. prevents them from browning prematurely.

Beer-Half drank bottles rarely seem appealing the next day.  Don’t waste it-believe it or not, beer can be poured on rusty bolts to loosen them.

Olive Oil-Stubborn zipper?  Soak the end of a q-tip in olive oil and dab it on the zipper.  This should lubricate it and free the stuck zipper.  Just be sure to keep the olive oil away from the cloth.

Sugar-Make flowers last longer with a teaspoon of sugar in their vase.

Blow DryerIf your bathroom mirror is fogged from a shower and you don’t have the time for it to clear up naturally, simply turn your blow dryer on and point it at the mirror for 10 seconds.  This will eliminate the problem.

Glass Cleaner-If you have a ring that is too small stuck on your finger, spray some glass cleaner on it and it should slide right off.

Sidewalk Chalk-Chalk repels ants.  Simply draw a line with chalk and the ants won’t cross it.

Aluminum Foil-A quick way to sharpen scissors is having it cut through 6-8 layers of aluminum foil.

Marshmallows-Prevent a bag of brown sugar from hardening by placing some marshmallows in it before reclosing.

Vinegar-Kill weeds in your sidewalk cracks by pouring straight vinegar on them.

Fun Facts Not everything in stores is being marketed for its original intended use.  For example,

Bubblewrap-was originally marketed as wallpaper.

Play-Doh-was originally intended to remove stains on wallpaper.

Coca-Cola-originally marketed as a headache cure.

Slinky-accidentally created during WWII when an engineer was trying to figure out a device that would prevent sensitive instruments from bouncing around & around on navy ships.

Silverwareaccidentally created when trying to develop a rust-proof gun barrel.

Viagra-Pfizer was trying to develop a drug that would combat high blood pressure.

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