The World Of Whirlpool Appliances

The Whirlpool® brand commitment to quality can be seen in their home appliances that lead the industry in innovation and design. Whirlpool® products will help save time, manage space and produce results with less effort. Whirlpool appliances do things the way you do them. Your intuition for how to get things done is something Whirlpool® values so much they have put it into their appliances—making guesswork a thing of the past. Every machine is designed to help you manage your home precisely the way you want—easier, faster and smarter. Below we are going to discuss different product lines that the Whirlpool® brand offers to make your next home appliance purchase with confidence and ease.


When it comes to fabric care, Whirlpool brand offers three primary configurations of washers and matching dryers that can help make caring for your clothes easier, more efficient and less costly. Below are the features and benefits of each.

High-Efficiency Front-Load Washer

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified to save you water, energy and money.
  • NSF Certified Sanitize Cycle removes 99.9% of household bacteria in the washer.
  • Safely clean delicate fabrics that you may otherwise have to dry-clean.
  • Bulky items cycle provides excellent cleaning for larger items like comforters, down jackets or pillows with ease.

High-Efficiency Front-Load Dryer

  • SilentSteel™ dryer drum runs quieter, even when you load clothing with buttons and zippers.
  • Advanced moisture sensing prevents over drying and saves you time and energy.
  • Large capacity lets you dry large, bulky loads, even comforters.
  • Advanced features let you steam away wrinkles and odors.

High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer

  • Clean care cycle washes like warm water in an eco-efficient cold water cycle.
  • Quiet spin technology provides superior vibration control.
  • Designed without a center agitator to provide gentle wash action that helps keep your clothes looking newer longer.

High-Efficiency Top-Load Dryer

  • Offer the same large capacity as front-load washers.
  • Complete with the Advanced Moisture Sensing which ends the drying cycle when everything is perfectly dry, saving time and energy.
  • High-efficiency dryers save time & energy by sensing air temperature and moisture levels.

Traditional Top-Load Washer

  • Care Control temperature management system washes better and more efficiently.
  • An outstanding value for great performance and simple operation.
  • Allow you to select the best cycle and setting for every load.

Traditional Top-Load Dryer

  • Offers great drying performance and simple operation.
  • Feature adjustable temperature settings and multiple cycle options.
  • Easy to find the best settings for your load size and fabric needs.

Cooking Appliances

Whirlpool brand offers two different types of cooking appliances that can add style to your kitchen, save you time and help get great-tasting meals on the table. Both offer innovative technology that senses what’s happening during the cooking or self-cleaning process, and adapts to give you the consistent results you expect. Your choice between the two appliance types will depend on whether you want your cooking appliances built into your kitchen cabinetry or if you prefer to slide them into the designated appliance cutout spaces in your kitchen.

Built-in cooking appliances

  • Built in to your kitchen cabinets to give you a premium, custom look.
  • Built-in ovens come in single and double oven configurations, as well as oven/upper microwave combinations.
  • The AccuBake® temperature management monitors oven temperature and the cooking elements to deliver consistent results every time.
  • TimeSavor™ Ultra True Convection roasts up to 30% faster.
  • Built-in gas, coil, ceramic and induction electric cooktops offer added flexibility with Power™ burners for high-output heat and precision AccuSimmer® burners for delicate foods.
  • Cooking package options include accompanying freestanding microwave hood combinations or separate ventilation hoods.

Freestanding cooking appliances

  • Enjoy a range with a full induction cooktop and Boost element that can boil water up to 52% faster.
  • AquaLift™ self-clean technology cleans your oven in only 50 minutes with less heat, no odor and less time.
  • Freestanding ranges provide delicious results and added cooking flexibility, with a single oven or a versatile double oven range.
  • TimeSavor™ Plus Convection roasts up to 30% faster.


Whirlpool brand offers four different types of refrigerators that can bring style, energy efficiency and the latest innovations to your kitchen. Below you will learn more about how their intuitive features help keep the refrigerator’s temperature at an optimum level.

French door refrigerators

  • Access all of your fresh food easily, especially wide items including party trays and platters.
  • MicroEdge™ shelves offer 25% more usable shelf space* while keeping spills under control.
  • AccuFresh™ dual cooling system ensures food stays fresh and tastes great.
  • Bottom freezer organizes food with sliding bins.

Side-by-side refrigerators

  • More door bin space makes it easier to organize and access different-sized items.
  • Temperature management system to automatically adjust cooling and return existing food to the desired temperature.
  • Narrower doors make food items easier to access in tight kitchen spaces.
  • Many models are ENERGY STAR® qualified to save you energy and money.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators

  • Full-width storage is perfect for wide or bulky items.
  • A great option if fresh food items are used more frequently.
  • Reversible Door Swing allows door swing to be changed to accommodate user preference.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified to save you energy and money.

Top-freezer refrigerators

  • Provides the Whirlpool brand style at an affordable price.
  • A great option to keep your frozen food at eye level.
  • Adjustable door bins and specialty shelves provide customizable storage when and where you need it.
  • Many models are ENERGY STAR® qualified to save you energy and money.


The Whirlpool brand offers two different types of dishwashers that can add style to your kitchen and help make cleanup quick and easy. Both are energy-efficient, and provide timesaving features and options. Your choice between the two dishwasher styles will depend largely on the control and styling you prefer. No other dishwasher brand has had fewer repairs than Whirlpool brand dishwashers for 15 years, according to a leading consumer magazine. The Whirlpool brands innovative features, such as the Sensor cycle, sense and adapt to the needs of each load while using just the right amount of time, energy and water.

Integrated Console Dishwashers

  • Fully integrated electronic controls are hidden away to provide a sleek exterior while preventing unwanted cycle changes or accidental operation.
  • Sensor Cycle cleans tough soils 35% better while using just the right amount of time, energy and water.
  • AnyWare™ Plus silverware basket fits more and can be placed in more spaces in the dishwasher.
  • Overnight cycle quietly soaks dishes before cleaning tough soils with a Heavy Wash cycle.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualification helps you save water and energy.

Traditional Dishwasher

  • Care Control temperature management system washes better and more efficiently.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualification helps you save water and energy.
  • PowerScour™ and Triple Filtration™ options help clean every load effectively and efficiently.
  • Each model’s Tall Tub design features an additional 3” of interior space compared to standard tub models, making room for extra-large items in the lower rack and plates or sports bottles in the upper rack.
  • Adjustable Upper Rack provides greater flexibility to fit tall or odd-shaped items, like bowls, pots and pitchers in either rack.  

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