Invest In Your Future With Geothermal Energy!

Would you like to incorporate something into your home that is cost effective, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly? If so, geothermal energy is your golden ticket.  Geothermal energy is energy extracted from the ground used to heat and cool your home. While this may seem to appear to defy logic, geothermal energy for your home is actually quite simple. Recent technological advances have dramatically expanded the range and size of viable resources, especially for applications such home heating & cooling.  Geothermal power has the potential to help mitigate global warming if embraced more worldwide due to the lower emissions of greenhouse gases compare to fossil fuels.

Why choose geothermal energy for your home?

  • 24 hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year energy source
  • They use 25-50% less electricity compared to traditional HVAC systems
  • They create 25% less greenhouse gases than traditional fossil fuels
  • Their lifespan  for the heating pump is 25+ years and underground piping is 50-100 years
  • Much quieter because they don’t use a standard compressor
  • It is very versatile and can be retrofitted to existing construction
  • Increased value in your home because of sustainability
  • Durable and highly reliable because of very few moving parts
  • Eliminates carbon monoxide in your home & office

How does geothermal energy work in a residential home?

40-60% of the sun’s energy is directly absorbed into the ground, making the earth a giant solar panel.  The upper 10 feet of the earth’s surface maintains a nearly constant temp between 50° and 60°F. Just that small amount of warmth can be used to heat or cool homes and offices. Home geothermal systems typically consist of an indoor air handler with a fan, a series of air ducts for the heated air to travel through and a closed “loop” of pipe, where the geothermal heat is collected,  that extends into the ground below an around your home. Water or antifreeze will continuously run through this pipe and as it passes through the pipe area below ground it will absorb the heat from the soil. When the liquid in the pipe makes its way back up to the air handler, the heat is dispersed into the air chamber. The heated air is then circulated throughout your home through ducts. The process continues and the liquid cycles back into the ground absorbing more heat providing you with a constant supply of warm air. The same way it heats your home in the winter is true for cooling your home in the summer. Just as the ground is warmer than air in the winter it is cooler in the summer and the air in your home is exchanged with cool air.

Minnesota resident energy retrofits financing

PACE is Property Assessed Clean Energy. It allows property owners to borrow money from newly established municipal financing districts to finance energy retrofits (efficiency and renewable energy measures) and repay the loan through an annual special tax on their property bill. To read more about the PACE program visit their website at . Here are some of the basic benefits offered for energy retrofits regarding the PACE program.

  • Allows property owners to install renewable energy or energy efficiency measures and pay for the cost over its functional life through a property tax assessment.
  • Helps eliminate “up-front” cost barrier.
  • Positive cash flow on retrofits (annual savings > cost) which frees up household income for mortgage payments.
  • Participants pay only for the project cost and nominal fees to administer the program.
  • Lower energy bills and lower vulnerability to spiked energy prices.
  • Debt obligation is attached to the property, allowing for transferability upon change in property ownership.

If you live in the state of Wisconsin, you can claim a 30% tax credit on the installed price of a qualifying geothermal source system installed in tax years between January 1, 2003 & December 31, 2016 with no maximum credit limit. To find more information regarding Wisconsin tax credits by visiting .

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