Why High Quality Siding Underlayment Is Important For Your Home

When you think of protecting your home from the elements and increasing energy efficiency, the first thought that comes to your mind is probably not your siding underlayment. This protective barrier around your home, called underlayment, has a very important purpose. It provides protection from air or water that can be forced through your exterior siding by wind, or something as simple as a small crack. If air & water are allowed inside the walls of your home significant damage can occur in the form of mold or rot. Underlayment prevents the penetration of air & water from entering any unsealed openings. This is why using the highest quality siding underlayment on your home is important.

The walls in your home are 40% wood framing, which offer little insulation, and the other 60% could possibly not be filled with insulation or lack in significant quantity Think of underlayment around your home as wrapping a protective blanket around it protecting it from cold winters and hot humid summers. Underlayment helps reduce air infiltration that can account for 30% of the heating and cooling loss from your home. It is waterproofing that prevents rain damage from getting trapped in your wall cavities. The three main factors in having inadequate underlayment on your home are condensation, water damage and rotting. You should only consider underlayments that have a permeance of 5.0 or higher.

We only use the highest quality rated underlayment. GreenGuard RainDrop 3D building wrap is what we use on every home that we install siding, because it manages moisture better than any other product on the market. RainDrop 3D drains 50% more water than its underlayment competitors, helping keep your walls safe and dry. The way RainDrop 3D underlayment outperforms its typical counterparts is because it is truly three products in one. It exceeds all building code requirements of an air barrier, water-resistant barrier and a drainage wrap. By combining all three of these features eliminates the need for installing multiple products.

RainDrop 3D provides your home superior protection by;

  • Providing advanced moisture management
  • Enhanced drainage channels facilitate water movement out of wall
  • Channels won’t crimp, collapse, or flatten, ensuring water will drain no matter how tightly cladding is nailed to the wall
  • Qualified Air Barrier Material – recognized by the Air Barrier Assoc of America
  • Code compliant Air Barrier Material and Water-resistive Barrier (ICC-ES ESR-2906)
  • Qualified for Drainage Efficiency (IAPMO-ES Report No. 0187)
  • Superior strength properties
  • Not perforated
  • Translucent design with high tear resistance
  • UV stable for up to 6 months

When it comes to protecting your home’s exterior barrier you need to think of the 3 D’s deflection, drainage and drying. If you master these basic elements your home will have the best defense it could have.

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