Dorm Room Digs & How To Make The Most Of Your New Space

That time of year has quickly come upon us again and the kids will be going back to school. Some of you may be sending your kids off to college and with that is a whole new array of experiences and let’s not forget their first dorm room. Don’t let them worry that their new “small” space has to be cramped. They can still have a stylish and organized space for studying, sleeping and relaxing. Here are some ideas to maximize their new space and make the best of it.

Figure out the best layout

Once you have arrived at your new stomping grounds, take a minute to assess the layout of your room. By simply moving one piece of furniture to the other side of the room you can make a drastic difference. Turning your bed into a daybed will allow additional space under.

Multi-purpose items

Having multi-functional furniture in your dorm room is one of the best ideas that you can have. Think of having a futon in your room that is used for crash studying parties and then your friends can fold it out to spend the night. Cube stools can be used as hidden storage areas.

Loft the bed

Having your bed on the floor takes up a lot of space that could be used for many other purposes. You can purchase bed-lofting kits at a home improvement store or sometimes even find them at the campus store. Some colleges even allow you to rent them for the school year. A lofted bed will have your bed at the height as the upper bed on a bunk bed opening up the floor space below it where you could put your desk area, dresser, bookshelves or added storage.

Go vertical with storage

You already know your horizontal space is going to be limited, but not necessarily your vertical space. This is where cool plastic colored storage containers can come into play. You can keep your floors open and clutter free by stacking your colorful storage containers all the way to the ceiling in a stylish way.

Add a divider for increased privacy

Even though you may really like your new roommate, having your own space is also important for boundaries and giving yourself a sense of privacy. A creative way to do this is using a cubed open bookshelf that both of you can put stuff in as your room divider. If you think that will take up too much space, consider adding floor-to-ceiling curtains that you can draw shut when you need some peace and quiet.

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