A Guide Bohemian Interior Design Trends

In the world of interior design, the terms Bohemian, boho & boho chic are becoming more popular buzz words.  Rooms that exemplify this design theme utilize every square inch of space with casual, comfortable and colorful décor.  They are equally whimsical and welcoming.  Signs this trend meshes well with your personality type are…

  1. Your favorite words growing up were “no” & “why”.
  2. You wore out your magenta & turquoise crayons, while the taupe and gray ones were never touched.
  3. You took every possible art class your school offered.

Whether you’re looking to redo a room completely in boho style or simply incorporate touches of it, there are plenty of ways to integrate this interior design trend in your home.

Accent Pillows: Homeowners that embrace boho décor are free spirits that are comfortable in their own skin.  This quest for comfort translates literally into pillowhome décor, with accent pillows & floor cushions being boho staples. Moroccan-inspired pillows in bright colors are a must, as are those with tassels and tie-dyed designs.  Boho style’s primary focus is finding pieces that allow you to express yourself, so don’t get too hung up on matching.

Colors: Don’t be “stifled” by safe colors; this movement encourages the use of bold whenever possible.  Jewel tones are especially popular.  Because this style encourages personalization and freedom, ceiling embellishments are prominent fixtures in boho spaces.  Popular choices include murals, rattan canes and pendants.

Art: A staple of Bohemian home décor is mismatched wall hangings.  The more colorful and abstract they are the better.  The objective is to fill a room with abworks that add interest.  Art doesn’t have to be limited to wall hangings.  Feel free to include figurines & tchotchkes on shelving and end tables.  In this realm of design, it’s perfectly acceptable to have multiple focal points in a room.

Boudoir: If there’s one room in your home that should be a reflection of your tastes, hands down, it’s your bedroom.  Suitable boho themed beds are canopy or low profile.  Antique headboards are a sought after selection, as are rugs with eclectic prints.


Foliage: Lush plants add life to a home and in the realm of boho décor, the more plants the merrier.  As with all things boho, there’s no specific formula that dictates quantity or placement, so take time to explore options and do what feels right.  Some of our favorites include palm plants, aloe, vines and cacti.

Rugs: One of the quickest ways to add warmth to a room is with rugs.  The Bohemian interior design concept fully embraces their use.  If you’re overwhelmed at what you should be looking for, consider sheepskin, tribal & Moroccan patterns, tie-dye and bright colors.  Don’t worry if you can’t decide on just one, the layering of rugs is a welcome element of boho design.

Thank you to Rosie Hart Gifts & Collectibles  for supplying images for this blog post. 

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