Considering A Garden Window? Here’s What You Need To Know!

It should come as little surprise that studies have shown that spending time outdoors can alleviate stress.  While the climate of the Midwest is not always conducive to outdoor activities, garden windows can be a great way to bring the outdoors to the indoors.  Here’s what you need to know about installing one in your home.

What they are: A garden window expands out from walls of your home in order to invite more 4sunlight into the home.  They oftentimes come equipped with a shelf on which houseplants can be placed.  Placement near the kitchen sink is a popular option for this type of window installation.  

Why homeowners love them: 

Great for those with green thumbs: If you’re a homeowner that enjoys herb gardening or starting your plants indoors before planting them in your garden, a garden window is a logical addition to your home because they create an ideal environment for plants to thrive.

An abundance of sunlight: When compared with other styles of windows, garden windows allow in increased natural light.  The higher the concentration of natural light within a room, the more vast it will feel.  Opt for a garden window that opens and closes to reap the benefits of fresh air.

Expansion of storage space: In compact kitchens, counter space is a precious commodity.  If that’s the case in your current kitchen, the inclusion of a garden window can expand the storage space in order to accommodate the placement of additional items, such as plants and collectibles.

Worth considering: 

Placement: Due to the fact that garden windows stretch past a home’s siding, it’s smart to be mindful of where they are installed so that they do not obstruct outdoor features, such as sidewalks.

Solar heat gain: This term refers to amount of solar radiation transmitted through a window.  Opting1 for a low quality garden window will result in a more sizable solar heat gain within a room.  While this can be an issue with all types of windows, garden windows are particularly susceptible to this issue because they have substantial exposure to nature’s elements due to the fact that their composition does not allow for the amount of insulation other types have.

Installation concerns:  It’s imperative that a garden window is installed by a reputable professional that understands how to properly support the window so that it does not sag.

Accessibility: One of the most common garden window placements is behind the kitchen sink.  This can prove problematic when it comes to cleaning this area, watering plants and changing out what’s being stored there because access can be difficult.

An alternative option: 

Projection windows:  An enhancement that can be added to any style of window, a projection window will add a window ledge that includes up to one foot of additional space.  They win favor with homeowners because kitchen countertops can be designed to go all of the way up the window glass.

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