The Cardinal Sins Of Carpeting

If you Google the lifespan of carpeting you’ll be met with a wide variety of answers. That’s because there are a number of contributing factors that weigh into the longevity of carpet. These include the quality of the carpet, the number of residents of a home and if there are any pets. Without proper care, carpeting will quickly begin to look aged and disheveled. To maximize the longevity of your carpet’s shelf life avoid these carpeting cardinal sins at all costs.

Bare Feet: Most of us request that guests remove their shoes once they arrive in order to curtail the spreading of dirt from outside throughout our home. a.  However, it can be easy to forget that bare feet that have been outdoors can have a similar effect on carpeting. Even without this, each of your feet contain 250,000 sweat glands that leave oils on carpet when you walk across it. Over time, the presence of these oils makes your carpet a magnet for dirt, dust and pet hair. Opt for socks or clean sneakers instead of bare feet.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight: The fibers within carpet become faded with exposure to sunlight. This phenomenon is less noticeable with nylon & lighter colored carpet. Utilizing curtains and window shades can also keep the sun at bay during peak hours and keep your carpet looking better longer.

Overdoing it With a Cleaning Solution:When a spill occurs on carpet, most of us enter panic mode. While it can be tempting to douse the entire impacted area with cleaning solution the end result can be build-up underneath your carpet.

Dragging Furniture Across Carpet: It can be tempting to drag furniture across carpet to avoid back strain, but doing so leaves your carpeting vulnerable to unsightly rippling.

Scrubbing Carpet Stains: Carpet is unique in the aspect that it is comprised of fibers that are intertwined. Therefore, scrubbing stains rather, than blotting them, can cause that portion of the carpet to misshape. Your intent during this process should be to absorb the spilled liquid and prevent it from spreading.

Using a Carpet Cleaner Without Testing it First: How your carpet will react to a specific cleaner is never a certainty. Always test in a small hidden area, aprior to applying a sizable amount to your carpeting. Failure to do so can result in discoloration of your carpet.

Skipping Rugs in Busy Areas: Every home has spots that are more trafficked than others. If they’re carpeted, it’s a wise idea to lay an attractive rug over these areas. Without this, carpeting may prematurely wear in spots.

Foregoing Drop Cloths: Even if you’re just touching up a small area of paint, utilize a drop cloth to protect your carpet until the area has dried completely.

Using Your Furnace Filter Longer Than You Should: At a minimum, your furnace filter should be changed out quarterly. This will help stave off pet dander, pollen and dirt than can settle in your carpet because the air in your home is not properly being filtered.

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    I have a pair of flip flops by the door that I put on any time I go into the garage or outside. It sure helps keep the dirt by the door.

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