The Worst Bathroom Design Mistakes….EVER

If you added the amount of time that you spent in the bathroom over the duration of your life, it would average out to 18 months.  This figure really puts into perspective how crucial it is to thoughtfully plan a bathroom so that it is as comfortable and functional as it can be.  While many decisions regarding a bathroom remodel rely heavily on personal taste, there are some missteps you should avoid completely.  Here’s what you need to know!

Poor Location: One of the biggest bathroom blunders you can make is lousy placement.  A bathroom directly adjacent to a communal room, such as the dininga room, kitchen or living room lacks much needed distance.  Opt instead for a bathroom that breaks off of a hallway, laundry room or bedroom.

Too Trendy: Entering a bathroom with an avocado green toilet is like walking into a time capsule.  Crazy enough, at one point, this was an option homeowners sought out.  Bear in mind that options like plumbing fixtures, flooring and vanities can have a lengthy shelf life.  Stick to safe choices with these items and go bold on accessories like shower curtains, towels and rugs that can easily be replaced.

Zero Storage: Your bathroom is the location for many functions including: showering, shaving, make-up application, teeth brushing and hair styling.  These tasks all require tools to get the job done and it’s a real pain if they cannot be housed within this space.  Whether it’s floating shelves, a vanity or baskets, be sure to factor in ample storage into the room.   a

Lousy Toilet Positioning: A toilet located right next to the door feels unnatural.   Ample leg space doesn’t happen by accident, either.  Take care to make sure that the front of the toilet is far enough away from the wall so that the user has ample leg room.

Inadequate Ventilation: A bathroom that lacks ample ventilation will quickly become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  Furthermore, excess moisture acan cause bathroom fixtures to rust and windows and doors to warp.  It can also cause the room’s paint and wallpaper to peel.  A high-powered exhaust fan and windows are vital components to a properly ventilated bathroom.

No Natural Light: Simply put, close-up tasks such as shaving and make-up application always render better results when they’re performed in the presence of natural light.  From a psychological standpoint, those that have the ability to see themselves in natural light, feel a higher self-worth than those that do not.  If your current bathroom is windowless, consider incorporating skylights or sun tunnels.  Not only will natural light be increased, skylights can be opened to enhance air flow, which will lower a room’s humidity level.


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