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Fencing 101: A Guide to the Options

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Motives for installing fencing can be anything from keeping your pets & children safe in the backyard, increased privacy or enhanced curb appeal.  There are numerous options when it comes to fencing materials.  Each comes with their own unique features that should be carefully considered prior to installation.  Below we’ll discuss everything you need to know before installing a fence on your property.

LAWS: Local laws outline the maximum heights of fences which can differ from front yard to back yard.  Fencing that outlines the front yard is also banned in some places.  If you are part of a homeowner’s association, you will also need to learn what their regulations are.  When using lumber to construct a fence, some municipalities require the more attractive side of the board face the road.

PROPERTY LINES: While it’s common courtesy to alert the neighbors adjacent to your property that a fence is being put up, it’s also a good idea to confirm that you both have the same understanding of where the property lines are.  This can save the major inconvenience of having to redo an entire fence.

TYPES OF FENCING: Identifying the motivation for putting up a fence will assist you in selecting the most appropriate materials.  4 common fencing categories are:

1. Safety Fence-This type of fence can be used to keep wildlife off your property, enclose swimming areas, or  provide your pet a secure place to play.  Types of materials that can be used include mesh fencing held up by metal posts or galvanized metal mesh.

2. Cosmetic Fence-This is typically the smallest fencing type and can range from 2-4 feet high.  It’s used to add curb appeal and/or identify property lines.  The purpose of this type of fencing is to enhance, not block one’s view.  Lattice or rails with 2 or 3 different posts crossing through are common types of cosmetic fencing.

3. Privacy Fence– Privacy Fences measure 4-6 feet high.  Boards are placed tight up next to one another so that it is difficult to see through the fence.  They can be used to line properties, hide unsightly areas or restrict access to a swimming pool.

4. Security Fence-A security fence is, at minimum, 6 feet.  Its purpose is to protect intruders from entering  your  property.  For added security, spiky tops can be added so that climbers are not able to get over.


Once you have determined the type of fence you’d like to build, it’s time to consider the materials that are available.

1. Chain Link & Wire-This type of fencing is more used on commercial, rather than residential properties.  It is the cheapest form of fencing.  To class it up, fencing can be purchased with a black or green coating which will allow it to blend in more with the surrounding area.

2. Wood-Wood is the most popular type of fencing material.  There are several types of wood to choose. When it comes to fencing, wood falls in a medium price range.  It can be treated so that it stands up to the sun’s rays, insects & water damage.  No treatment is permanent.  Depending on the wood and the treatment you use, you can plan on repeating the process every 2-5 years.

3. Metal– Steel & aluminum are common types of metal fencing.  Metal fences work best when their purpose is cosmetic.  For an added sense of security, spiked tops can be added.  Upkeep on metal fences in minimal because they are produced with paint already on them.  However, if you do see any spots starting to lose paint, it’s important to touch them up to avoid rusting.

4. Composite & Vinyl– These materials are made to look like wood when actually they are made out of adurable plastic.  They do not need to be painted because the color is mixed into the materialwhen the fencing is produced.  Composite & vinyl are the most expensive of these 4 options but are appreciated because of their durability, low maintenance & long life span.

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