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Top Spring Home Improvement Projects

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We keep hearing meteorologists say spring is only 40 days away! It is hard to comprehend this notion for many of us Midwesterners due to the painfully cold and snow heavy winter we have had. With spring just around the corner here is a list of top home improvement projects that you should consider having done as soon as the snow thaws.

Roof replacement or repair

This year’s record cold and snowfall takes a toll on the exterior of your home, especially your roof that could have received damage such as losing shingle granules, moisture seeping in between the cracks and creases or damage from an ice dam problem. You should have a reputable contractor come out and inspect your roof for signs of disintegration and curling or peeling of your shingles. Your roof is one of the first lines of defense when it comes to severe weather and we all know that springtime can bring storms.

Don’t put off getting new rain gutters one more year!

If you don’t have any rain gutters on your home, it is completely defenseless against the raging rainstorms that can occur in the Midwest. If you don’t have gutters at all, you risk rain eroding the soil around you home, which can leak into your basement. If you still have traditional gutters on your home, it is essential to clean out the organic debris that has accumulated in them over the last season to avoid overflowing. If you are ready to experience the modern age of a one-piece seamless gutter system, LeafGuard gutters, are the only gutter system to receive the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. To learn more about the features and benefits of LeafGuard gutters, check out our website at .

Inspect your deck

Beautiful cedar decks are very popular in the area that we live and are a point of pride for a lot of homeowners. Inspect your deck for any rotting or warped boards. Examine the stain on it to see how it weather the cold winter and if you think your deck is in need of full replacement consider using composite decking. It has taken the deck industry by storm, now surpassing cedar decking installation, and requires minimal maintenance if any at all.

Spruce up your siding

Your siding plays an important role in protecting your home during the harsh winters just like your roof does. If it is time for an update to add more curb appeal, you definitely need to consider installing LP® SmartSide® that will offer your home the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, with the durability and workability of engineered wood. LP® SmartSide® is also backed by an industry leading 5/50 year transferrable limited warranty. The manufacturing of this product is also backed by the green initiative by using the entire log in their manufacturing process and any wood waste is repurposed to help fuel their mills. LP also participates in SFI® certified forest management and fiber sourcing systems to insure that their wood they used comes from well-managed forests. To learn more about LP® SmartSide® go to their website at .


Lindus Construction / Midwest LeafGuard are a full service contractor specializing in LeafGuard Gutters, GAF Asphalt Roofing, SeasonGuard Windows/Siding/Insulation, Metal Roofing, Decking, New Construction & Home Remodeling. Call us at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at Tune into WCCO 830 every Saturday at 9am for our Home Improvement Show with Denny Long & Andy Lindus.

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4 Causes of Overflowing Gutters

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It doesn’t take an expert to know that overflowing rain gutters spell trouble.  However, there are numerous ways that gutters can become clogged and identifying these reasons can allow you to prevent this occurrence in the future, as clogged gutters can damage both the interior and exterior of your home, costing you thousands of dollars.

Culprit: An overabundance of rain

Remedy: While you can’t control the amount of rain you receive, you can prepare yourself for the next time this happens by investing in rain gutters that are built to handle substantial rainfall.  (Shameless plug: The LeafGuard Gutter System has been independently tested to withstand 33 inches of rainfall in an hour, something that hasn’t been seen since Noah built the ark!)

Culprit: Too few of gutters and/or downspouts on your home

Remedy: In some cases, not having gutters on all sides of your home, can overwork the existing portions of your gutters, making the water overflow because it has nowhere else to go.  Adding additional gutters when your current ones cannot handle the rain they receive or adding gutters able to handle a higher capacity of rainfall can help resolve the situation.  The same goes for downspouts, having too few of downspouts for the amount of gutter you have can cause gutters to overflow.

Culprit: Clogged gutters

Remedy: When your gutters clog from leaves and other organic debris and it rains, the water needs to go somewhere but instead of flowing through the gutters and out the downspouts, the water overflows.  This can compromise your home’s foundation, fascia and siding.  In some cases, mold can begin to grow which is a serious health hazard.  To ensure that your gutters do not clog, you have two choices.  Either invest in clog-free gutters or be sure to clean your gutters several times a year.

Culprit: Clogged downspouts

Remedy: Just like clogged gutters, clogged downspouts are a hazard to the exterior of your home.  Water needs to go somewhere and if downspouts are clogged, water can back up in your gutters and eventually cause your gutters to overflow.  To keep downspouts clog-free, you can opt for oversized downspouts which allow water to filter away from your home at a faster pace, protecting your foundation.

Lindus Construction / Midwest LeafGuard is a proud dealer of LeafGuard brand gutter systems and would like to come out to your home and give you a free no-obligation estimate on the best seamless gutter system on the market. Call us now at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web Make sure to tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects.





Updating Your Home Skimp vs. Splurge

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Did you know that the average American is exposed to approximately 600 ads from the time they wake up in the morning until the time they go to bed?  No wonder it can be such a tough choice when deciding where to indulge and where to cut back when updated your home.  Having been in the industry since 1979, Lindus Construction happens to know a thing or two about this topic.  Allow us to offer our two cents:

Windows: Splurge

When you think about it, your home’s windows are viewed from both the inside and the outside.  Shouldn’t they be a point of pride?  Additionally, windows act as a physical barrier from Mother Nature.  Opting for triple pane makes them energy efficient which will lower your heating and cooling costs.  These windows often have a longer lifespan than cheaper alternatives making them more cost effective in the long run.

Crown Moulding: Skimp by installing yourself or skipping completely  

Most people would agree that crown molding adds a luxurious touch to a room.  With that, comes a hefty price tag, especially if it is installed throughout your home.  Save your cash for an upgrade that is functional and will add value to your home.

Roof: Splurge

Did you know that roofing companies, like GAF, make asphalt roofs with non-prorated warranties on both labor and materials for up to 50 years?  Choosing this roofing material ensures that you’re investing in what is likely to be the last roof you’ll ever buy.

Light Fixtures: Skimp

There’s nothing wrong with having a few standout light fixtures in your home.  However, outfitting each room with them will add up quickly.  It is easy to find cost effective (and trendy) fixtures both online and in big box stores.

Gutters: Splurge

Gutters are oftentimes not something that a homeowner puts a lot of thought into until they’re clogged, leaking, malfunctioning, etc. but their purpose is vital.  Without properly functioning gutters, water can damage your home and landscaping.  Life’s too short and your home is too valuable to worry about clogged gutters.  (Click here to learn more about LeafGuard which are guaranteed to never clog.)

Storage: Skimp (on the price, not the actual amount)

When comparing built in storage to freestanding furniture, opt for the freestanding furniture which can be changed out more cost effectively than built in storage.

Lindus Construction is a full service construction and remodeling company boasting LeafGuard Gutters, GAF Asphalt Roofing, SeasonGuard Windows/Siding/Insulation & decking just to name a few. Give us a call at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out at to set up a free no-obligation estimate. Tune into 830 WCCO every Saturday from 9a-10am with Denny Long & Andy Lindus for our Home Improvement Show!


Hail Damage-Separating Fact from Fiction

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Fiction: If I can’t see indentations on my roof, there’s no need to have my roof inspected because clearly there is no damage.

Fact: It is a good idea to work with a reputable professional to evaluate whether your roof has been compromised.  Some effects of hail are not immediately evident; a roof can be weakened by hail, but not fail for a year or two.  Hail can void your roofing manufacturer’s warranty, another reason it’s important to have your roof evaluated if you suspect hail damage.

Fiction: Foregoing an insurance claim on hail damage means that your rates won’t go up.

Fact: Insurance companies can raise everyone’s rates after a disaster.  The only thing that you are by not failing to file a claim is that you’re helping everyone else pay for their damage without getting the assistance you need.

Fiction: I just had a new roof installed; I don’t have to file an insurance claim because the manufacturer has a 50 year warranty.

Fact: Roofing manufacturers will cover against things they can control, such as manufacturing defects, but they cannot warranty against Mother Nature.

Fiction: If visual damage from hail is not evident, the resale value of my home is unaffected.

Fact: Upon placing your home on the market, a potential buyer will likely utilize the services of a home inspector who will carefully evaluate your property.  It’s highly likely that they will find evidence of the hail damage and you’ll be forced to either replace the roof or dramatically lower the sale price if you wish to keep the sale intact.

Fiction: The hail was small; it couldn’t have caused any damage.

Fact: Hail of all sizes can cause issues.  When in doubt, get an evaluation to ensure that you are covered, if in fact your home has experienced hail damage.

Fiction: I can get a new roof for free if the contractor offers to pay my deductible for free.

Fact: Anyone who offers to do this in the state of Minnesota is breaking the law.

Fiction: I have a year to file a claim after the damage has occurred.

Fact: This varies from company to company.  Some are less and others will go over the year mark, especially if a large geographical area was affected.

Fiction: My neighbors were able to get a hail damage claim approved on their property.  Mine should be a no-brainer.

Fact: Hail damage is sporadic and each property needs to be evaluated individually.  Policies and insurance companies can also vary.

Unsure if the construction company you’re being approached by is reputable or not?  Check out our blog addressing storm chasers:


Tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects. Call us now at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at to schedule a free in-home estimate for your home improvement needs today!



Building a Home? A Word about Builder Grade Materials.

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Anyone who’s built a home or considered building a home has likely heard the term “builder grade” materials.  But when there are so many details to consider, a potential home builder may not look as deeply into understanding what these materials are and how they can affect your home down the road.

What’s In a Name?

To many, the term “builder grade” implies something with enough quality that a builder would use it.  The name is a bit misleading since builders are technically using them but by no means arebuilder grade materials the crème de la crème.  In most cases, builder grade materials are just of average quality and are pre-built and mass-produced.


In the construction industry, the quality hierarchy for materials is as follows:

Ultimate Custom Grade


      Custom Grade


      Quality Grade


       Builder Grade


Buyer Beware

While builder grade products vary from contractor to contractor, it’s important to understand the consequences of opting for builder grade products, which are often only short-term solutions.


Builder Grade Windows

Windows can dramatically affect the look and beauty of your home by adding light and providing a feeling of spaciousness.  Choosing quality windows in your home can reduce heating and cooling costs because your furnace and air conditioner have to work less to heat or cool outside air that’s getting into your house.  Builder grade windows meet the bare minimum requirements and may not be multi-chambered for insulation purposes, allowing for drafts.  Mass production also means that builder windows are less likely to come in odd sizes.  In the event that you fill an odd sized window hole with a builder grade window, you may end up with gaps that will allow outside air to escape into your home.

Builder Grade Entry Doors

Like quality windows, a well-made entry door will protect your home from nature’s elements.  Opt for a high quality door that is insulated rather than a hollow one that provides less protection and can be easily damaged.

Builder Grade Gutters

All gutters are created equal right?  WRONG!  Cheaply made gutters are susceptible to clogs which can cause water to spill over your gutter and pool on the ground below. This can result in damage to your shrubs; lead to surface erosion; and seep into your foundation causing cracks and basement flooding.

Water can also spill behind the gutter causing damage to the wood of your soffit and fascia.

If you have add-on toppers, helmets or hoods that are attached to your roof and hang over your gutters, they are usually held in place by screws and nails hammered into your roof. Putting holes in your roof can cause leaks and may void your roof warrantees.

Don’t underestimate the danger of clogs attracting pests. Some critters are attracted to the acorns and seeds that can collect in your gutters. Insects, mold and bacteria can grow in standing water.

Shameless plug: Opt for LeafGuard Gutters, the only system to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. They keep leaves and debris out of your gutters preventing water damage from clogs and you will never have to get on a ladder again. They come with a LIFETIME guarantee, unlike any other gutter system on the market.

Builder Grade Vinyl Siding

Oftentimes, builder grade vinyl siding is less thick and dependable than higher grades.  Lower quality siding can fall victim to nature’s elements, cracking & fading with sun exposure and denting easier during storms.  A major expense of any siding job is the actual installation, so do yourself a favor and opt for a higher grade product which will last longer.

Builder Grade Roofing

It’s important to not lower your standards with a builder grade material because while it make seem sensible at the time, you’ll likely end up with the cost of replacing a malfunctioning roof sooner than you would like.   Companies such as GAF (North America’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing materials) offer warranties that last up to 50 years.  It’s worth noting that these warranties cover both labor and materials and are non-prorated.  This makes it one of the best warranties in the industry.

Our Two Cents

We feel it’s important to be respectful of your budget when building a home; however that does not mean you should have to settle for subpar materials.  Talk to your contractor about the materials they’re using and the warranties that come with them to avoid any ugly “surprises” a few years down the road because the last thing you want to be doing in five years is replacing all of the windows in your home.

Call us now at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at to schedule a free in-home estimate today. Tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects.

Why You Need to Consider Replacing Your Windows

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Installing SeasonGuard windows is one of the best investments a homeowner can make today. New, energy-efficient, windows will add value to your home especially at resale time. And more importantly, we will provide you with professional custom-fit windows that accent your home.

Tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your windows

  • You hear your windows rattling when it is windy outside
  • You notice your windows develop an icy or frosty glaze inside the window pane
  • You feel your home becomes drafty with cold air in the winter months and warm air in the summer months
  • You see excessive condensation on your windows or they become fogged
  • You have to prop your windows open because they will not stay open on their own

Lindus Construction, a local family-owned business for 30 + years, is offering a sensational promotion through the end of February where you can take off $200 per window when you choose SeasonGuard windows to be installed in your home. SeasonGuard windows are manufactured right here in the Midwest exclusively for Lindus Construction. You can be confident you are buying a quality product because SeasonGuard windows are the only windows to receive the Energy Star Award three years in a row.  New windows can dramatically affect the look and beauty of your home and also offer you increased safety to protect the ones who mean the most to you in your life.

Installing SeasonGuard replacement windows in your home today will offer you:

  • Maintenance free, custom-fit windows
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Federal tax credit for energy-efficient improvements
  • Lifetime warranties on all moving parts, workmanship, glass breakage, seal failure and finish

Make sure to take advantage of our value-added promotion that goes until the end of February by calling 1-800-873-1451 or checking us out on the web at to schedule a free in-home estimate today. Tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects.

Click Here to watch the SeasonGuard Installation Process