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Basement Waterproofing 101

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Basement Waterproofing

Have you had a water problem for a long time in your basement or has one just started? There are many reasons as to why and how water gets in your basement. Below are some of the most common culprits.

  • Cracks in your masonry
  • Leaking pipes
  • Inadequate sump pump
  • Improper positioning of downspouts that allows water to congregate near your foundation instead of away from it
  • Poor grading around your foundation
  • Seepage from window wells

Waterproofing your basement is one of the best ways you can increase your property value of your home. It will also improve your living
experience and prevent damaging moisture from entering your home. By waterproofing your home, you are taking the steps to be proactive instead of reactive and reduce your chances of a serious repair in your future. By waterproofing your home you are protecting it from access moisture which can destroy your foundation, basements walls and let’s not forget your belongings. There are a few different ways that you can waterproof your basement which are below.

  • Interior Waterproofing – A cutting-edge device being used for interior waterproofing today is an interior drain tile system. It lowers the water table far below the basement floor. It is designed to collect and redirect water away from your home.
  • Exterior Waterproofing – Captures the water before it enters your home. The drain tile is now on the outside of your foundation which acts as a piping system to collect and redirect subsurface water that moves down through the soil. This would not be the ideal option for you if you have an existing home because it can be very costly and an interior waterproofing system would fit your needs a lot better.
  • New Construction Waterproofing – Consider using both interior and exterior drain tile systems when building your new home. This can sometimes be an area that is overlooked and you could end up having a water issue in your brand new home.
  • Crack Injection – Cracks appear in your foundation when there is sufficient hydrostatic pressure surrounding the foundation of your home. Crack injection is a permanent affordable solution for many homeowners when your poured concrete walls crack and develop a slow leak. Common products used to seal the cracks are injection epoxies, polyurethane foams and grouts.
  • Yard and Downspout Drains – The whole idea of this approach is to keep the water away from your home to avoid a water problem in the first place. A down spout drain is one of the single most important rainwater drainage systems.

Wall Anchoring

There are many reasons that can cause your foundation to start failing. Excessive hydrostatic pressure, soil shifting and even seasonal changes can cause it to deteriorate. Here are some of the signs that you can look for to see if you might be experiencing foundational problems.

  • Tilting and leaning chimneys
  • Floors that are not level and uneven
  • Cracks in drywall and plaster walls
  • Cracks in exterior brick or concrete
  • Windows and doors not closing properly
  • Bowing and leaning basement walls
  • Stair step cracks in basement and crawlspace walls
  • Nail heads popping through drywall and plaster

No need to worry because you can fix these problems with wall anchors. Wall anchors are plates and steel rods used to stabilize your walls and counteract hydrostatic pressure that is being exerted against your foundation wall.  Wall anchors can be used in various places and rod extenders can help to preserve your deck, concrete, flower beds and landscaping. When hydrostatic pressure builds up around your basement walls, or the soil expands with water saturation, it can push against your wall and cause bowing. The anchors will hold the wall in its current condition and have the ability to be tightened down further when the soil outside the wall shrinks.

Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems, Inc. of MN specializes in all types of basement and foundation repair, waterproofing and basement drain systems for Central Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. They offer guaranteed solutions for faulty basements and bad foundations. They are equipped to solve all of these problems, no matter how big or small.
They are a licensed and insured general contractor, radon mitigating and official dealer of the Safe Basements® product line. All of their crews have gone through extensive training and have been certified as foundation repair specialists by Jesse Trebil himself.

Whether it’s basement waterproofing, cracked or bowing walls, settling foundation or new construction, they offer guaranteed permanent solutions to fill your needs. Visit them online to learn more about how they can make your basement a safe area to enjoy at

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