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Amplifying Natural Light in Your Home

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At Lindus Construction, we’re a fan of natural light for a multitude of reasons such as lower energy bills (up to 40% of your home’s energy use comes from artificial lighting), boosting mood & energy and its ability to make everything look better.  With the weather turning colder and the days getting shorter, we thought we’d offer some ways to increase the natural light in your home.

Skylights:   They come in a variety of sizes including square, triangle, oval, etc. They are a great way to evenly distribute natural light, eliminate direct sunlight & hotspots and add aesthetic appeal to your home.  The federal government is currently offering tax credits of up to 30% on skylights.  Companies such as VELUX even offer battery powered skylights that have rain sensors that automatically close the unit upon detection of rain. 

Sun Tunnels: Located on your roof, they are optically engineered to capture light through a high impact dome on the roof.  Light rays travel through a highly reflective tunnel, transmitting a pure natural light with no color shift. The diffuser assembly at the ceiling distributes natural light evenly into the room while limiting bright spots and glare.

Sunroom: Adding a sunroom allows you to bring natural lighting and warmth into your home and you can’t go wrong with the additional space to relax & entertain.

Windows: No one enjoys cleaning windows, but a little Windex can go a long way to brighten up a room!  Shear window treatments are better at allowing sunlight to filter through than opaque ones.  This year, energy efficient windows are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of up to $200, making this the optimum time to replace any windows with broken panes or those are that are leaking air. 

Reflective Surfaces: The more reflective surfaces you have in your home, the greater the chances of sunlight boomeranging around the room.  This can mean adding mirrors, cabinets with glass fronts and white paint to your walls, cabinets and ceiling.  It’s surprising to know that matte paints do a better job of reflecting than glossy ones.  

Room Layout: Keep furniture away from windows to allow for maximum sun infiltration into your home.

Doors: If you have a front door that currently does not have a window, switching it out for one that does is an easy way to bring more natural light into your home.  French doors also allow for sunlight to filter in between rooms.

Lindus Construction is a full-service remodeling company specializing in LeafGuard Gutters, GAF Asphalt Roofing, SeasonGuard Windows/Siding/Insulation, Decking, Home Remodeling & New Construction. Call us at 1-800-873-1451 for a free no obligation estimate or check us out on our new website at Tune into 830 WCCO every Saturday from 9a-10a with Denny Long & Andy Lindus for our Home Improvement Show.


How to Find the Right Window Treatments

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Textures, colors, patterns…oh my! All of these factors come into play when choosing a window treatment and if you’ve put this task off because you’re overwhelmed, we understand! When thinking of purchasing window treatments for your home, set aside style considerations and think of function first. This will drastically limit your choices, making your decision a lot easier


When thinking of what type of texture to use for your window treatments, consider the mood of the room. For formal spaces you may consider using velvet or silky rayon blends. For a more casual feel a billowy linen or cotton on cotton blend will give it a crisp, clean feel.


Color, color, color?! That is the question. The biggest factor in choosing the right color to fit your needs is do you want it to blend in with the room or pop? If you mission is to blend your window treatments with your room, you will want to pick a color that is the same tone as your walls, but a few shades darker. You can also choose a non-dominant color, pulling from a piece of furniture in your room such as a unique couch. Is your style more vibrant? If so, choosing a complimentary color in a bright color will add pizazz to any pad.

 Patterns & Prints

The biggest rule of thumb when it comes to using patterns or prints is if you have solid color bedding or furniture, patterns will look very nice and add character to your room. If you have patterned furniture or bedding, stay away from patterns and solid colors will be your best friend. Too much of either one will make a room look more distracting than Zen. Also, consider where the sun will shine through your curtains that will also infuse your room.

 How long and wide should your treatments be?

Floor length is, and probably always will be, the way to go when it comes to length. Many window treatments are available in lengths from 63” to 144”. To figure out the length you want and need, measure form the floor up to your rod. Always round up on measurement because you can always hem them. Floor length curtains should not be shorter than a ½” above the floor. A new trend right now is having your window treatments extend onto the floor by three inches, giving it a trouser look. To ensure that your treatments look ample and draped when shut, make sure they have a combined width that is two times the width of the window.

 Where to mount your treatment?

Most of the time curtain brackets are hung on the wall above and outside the window molding. It will allow your fabric to fall gracefully to the floor. If you want to create an illusion that your window is taller than it is, mount the bracket 4-6 inches above your window frame. Don’t really go any higher than 6 inches because it will look awkward. You can also extend your rod 3-6 inches beyond your frame on either side of the window which will make it feel larger and allow the most light into your room when the curtains are open.

Lindus Construction is a full-service remodeling company specializing in LeafGuard Gutters, GAF Asphalt Roofing, SeasonGuard Windows/Siding/Insulation, Decking, Home Remodeling & New Construction. Call us at 1-800-873-1451 for a free no obligation estimate or check us out on our new website at Tune into 830 WCCO every Saturday from 9a-10a with Denny Long & Andy Lindus for our Home Improvement Show.

Positioning Your Home to the Millennial Buyer

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Not long ago, I passed a billboard for a real estate company with a photo of a couple vaguely resembling Betty White & Lil John sitting on a couch.  The billboard’s tagline was “Helping Buyers & Sellers Find Each Other”.  While the billboard made me burst out in laughter at the thought of such an unlikely couple meeting at a real estate closing table, it also made me think.  In some cases, especially for those who’ve been living in their home for decades, when the decision comes to relocate, oftentimes their target buyer is someone of a different generation than themselves.  Taking this to heart is crucial in the current real estate market, which still favors the buyer, many of whom fall into the generation known as the “millennials”.

mil·len·ni·alRefers to those born between 1978-2000 (currently 35 & under).

Millennial Spending- By 2014, they will account for 36% of the U.S. workforce.

Home Improvements That Can Attract Millennial Buyers:

Smart Homes: A 2013 survey finds that 65% of millennials believe that losing their phone or computer would be more detrimental to their daily lives than losing their car.  Whether it’s digitized home lighting, irrigation, HVAC or home security system, there’s no doubt that integration of technology into your home will greatly appeal to millennials.

Maintenance Free Living:  Another pseudonym for this group is the “now generation”.  As the name implies, they seek out quick results and would prefer to not take the time to maintain aspects of their home that can be constructed maintenance free.  As a home seller, this means opting for features such as clog-free gutters, composite decking and durable siding.

Entertaining Space: As family sizes continue to shrink and the country’s birth rates decline, generation y needs less bedrooms and more space to host guests.  Home improvements such as finishing your basement, adding a media room and adding a deck or patio will increase your home’s value in their eyes.  The same can be said for features such as swimming pools and hot tubs which more mature generations can perceive as expensive and a chore to maintain.

Eco-Conscious: Having been raised by Baby Boomers, who are credited with starting the green movement, millenials are environmentally conscious and prefer environmentally friendly products when possible.  Enhancements that can be made to your home to attract millennial buyers with include: rainwater harvesters, skylights & sun tunnels.

Energy Efficient: Going hand in hand with an eco-conscious mentality, millenials, also have a high desire for an energy efficient home which is both kind to the wallet and Mother Nature.  High in demand energy efficient features include: windows & doors, appliances, and insulation.  Having an energy audit of your home that can be provided to potential homebuyers is something that would apply to the millennial real estate market.

Storage: Simply put, the millennial generation has a lot of “stuff”.  Homes can never have enough storage.  Whether it’s usable attic space in the home or garage, built-in closet shelving, cabinet space or not having enough storage can be a factor that allows other homes to get chosen ahead of yours.

Floor Plans: In various facets of their lives, millennials appreciate openness and this characteristic translates into their list of desirable features in a home.  Because millennials are often at the preliminary or early stages of starting a family, it’s helpful for them to see rooms that can be utilized for multiple purposes such as a home office that can be converted into a guest room or a nursery.

Colors: In the past, it was customary to opt for white walls when selling your home.  This is no longer the case.  Nowadays, millennials prefer painted walls which add interest.  No longer are bold colors taboo, however, if choosing this course, it’s to your benefit to pick the brain of an interior designer or professional painter to ensure that your selection isn’t too wild, such as fire engine red or hot pink.

Flooring: Carpeting is often perceived by this generation as high maintenance and easily damaged.  Opt for tiling, hardwood or laminate flooring where possible.

Lindus Construction is a full service construction and remodeling company boasting LeafGuard Gutters, GAF Asphalt Roofing, SeasonGuard Windows/Siding/Insulation & decking just to name a few. Give us a call at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out at to set up a free no-obligation estimate. Tune into 830 WCCO every Saturday from 9a-10am with Denny Long & Andy Lindus for our Home Improvement Show!


What to Know When Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

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When it comes to researching new windows for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you notice that windows in your home are leaking, tough or impossible to operate, or are made of single pane glass you should consider replacing them. Researching new replacement windows can be a daunting task because of the array of options that exist today. We are going to talk about the most important factors when choosing the right replacement windows for your home to help make your decisions easier.


In today’s modern world, windows come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of the styles you can choose from. Here are main different styles that are available today. Single & double-hung windows are very traditional and allow the window to slide open vertically. Double-hung provides extra advantage by allowing the top or bottom window to open.  Sliding windows feature sashes that move horizontally.  Casement windows are hinged at the sides and open outward. Rollout windows are hinged from one side and only are you often find this style in a bathroom.


Replacement windows come in vinyl, wood, aluminum, wood-clad, composite or fiberglass. Each window frame looks and performs differently, and cost differences among materials vary widely.



Vinyl replacement windows are less expensive, but don’t consider them cheap because of this. A properly installed and well-constructed vinyl window can be a practical choice for many homeowners while still offering energy efficiency with minimal air leakage.


Wood replacement windows will require more up keep than vinyl windows, wood-clad or aluminum frames. Since wood has the potential for rot and decay, you should maybe steer clear of this type if you live in rainy or very humid climates.


Wood-clad replacement windows have aluminum or vinyl exteriors and a wood interior. There have been known to be prone to rotting in the sills and jambs because of water that will pool in those areas.



Composite replacement windows are composed of plastic resins and wood shavings that mimic the look of real wood, but are virtually maintenance free. They are also a great choice for eco-friendly homeowners because the manufacturing processes of these windows are made from recycled plastics.


Fiberglass windows are similar to their composite counterparts in the fact that they are made of a mixture of glass fibers and polyester resins. Fiberglass windows are extremely energy efficient and are rated the strongest and most durable window product on the market. The nice thing about fiberglass is that you are able to repaint it different colors & it won’t twist or warp like wood frames can.

Window Insulating Factors

Understanding U-factors & R-values

The U-factor of a window is how much heat it allows through, which measures the thermal conductivity. Lower U-factors equals a better insulation window. You have probably heard of the term R-value before and that refers to the resistance of the window to heat conduction therefore making it the inverse of U-factor.  The best windows will have high R-values and low U-factors.

Double Pane & Triple Pane

If your home currently has single pane windows you will love the addition of adding a second or third pane of glass. Multiple panes of glass trap a layer of air or gas between the panes increasing the insulating factors allowing less heat to pass through the window. If the space between the panes is filled with argon or krypton gas you will have more insulating power than just air.

Low-Emittance Coatings

How does the thought of letting in heat from the sun in the winter, but keeping your home’s warmth inside? This is essentially what a low-emmittance, or low-e coating, will do for your home. Low-e coating is a clear, microscopic metal oxide layer that is installed on the surface of one of the panes of glass.

Lindus Construction specializes in SeasonGuard windows. Give us a call at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at Tune into 830 WCCO every Saturday morning from 9a-10a with Denny Long & Andy Lindus for our home improvement show.

Updating Your Home Skimp vs. Splurge

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Did you know that the average American is exposed to approximately 600 ads from the time they wake up in the morning until the time they go to bed?  No wonder it can be such a tough choice when deciding where to indulge and where to cut back when updated your home.  Having been in the industry since 1979, Lindus Construction happens to know a thing or two about this topic.  Allow us to offer our two cents:

Windows: Splurge

When you think about it, your home’s windows are viewed from both the inside and the outside.  Shouldn’t they be a point of pride?  Additionally, windows act as a physical barrier from Mother Nature.  Opting for triple pane makes them energy efficient which will lower your heating and cooling costs.  These windows often have a longer lifespan than cheaper alternatives making them more cost effective in the long run.

Crown Moulding: Skimp by installing yourself or skipping completely  

Most people would agree that crown molding adds a luxurious touch to a room.  With that, comes a hefty price tag, especially if it is installed throughout your home.  Save your cash for an upgrade that is functional and will add value to your home.

Roof: Splurge

Did you know that roofing companies, like GAF, make asphalt roofs with non-prorated warranties on both labor and materials for up to 50 years?  Choosing this roofing material ensures that you’re investing in what is likely to be the last roof you’ll ever buy.

Light Fixtures: Skimp

There’s nothing wrong with having a few standout light fixtures in your home.  However, outfitting each room with them will add up quickly.  It is easy to find cost effective (and trendy) fixtures both online and in big box stores.

Gutters: Splurge

Gutters are oftentimes not something that a homeowner puts a lot of thought into until they’re clogged, leaking, malfunctioning, etc. but their purpose is vital.  Without properly functioning gutters, water can damage your home and landscaping.  Life’s too short and your home is too valuable to worry about clogged gutters.  (Click here to learn more about LeafGuard which are guaranteed to never clog.)

Storage: Skimp (on the price, not the actual amount)

When comparing built in storage to freestanding furniture, opt for the freestanding furniture which can be changed out more cost effectively than built in storage.

Lindus Construction is a full service construction and remodeling company boasting LeafGuard Gutters, GAF Asphalt Roofing, SeasonGuard Windows/Siding/Insulation & decking just to name a few. Give us a call at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out at to set up a free no-obligation estimate. Tune into 830 WCCO every Saturday from 9a-10am with Denny Long & Andy Lindus for our Home Improvement Show!


Hail Damage-Separating Fact from Fiction

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Fiction: If I can’t see indentations on my roof, there’s no need to have my roof inspected because clearly there is no damage.

Fact: It is a good idea to work with a reputable professional to evaluate whether your roof has been compromised.  Some effects of hail are not immediately evident; a roof can be weakened by hail, but not fail for a year or two.  Hail can void your roofing manufacturer’s warranty, another reason it’s important to have your roof evaluated if you suspect hail damage.

Fiction: Foregoing an insurance claim on hail damage means that your rates won’t go up.

Fact: Insurance companies can raise everyone’s rates after a disaster.  The only thing that you are by not failing to file a claim is that you’re helping everyone else pay for their damage without getting the assistance you need.

Fiction: I just had a new roof installed; I don’t have to file an insurance claim because the manufacturer has a 50 year warranty.

Fact: Roofing manufacturers will cover against things they can control, such as manufacturing defects, but they cannot warranty against Mother Nature.

Fiction: If visual damage from hail is not evident, the resale value of my home is unaffected.

Fact: Upon placing your home on the market, a potential buyer will likely utilize the services of a home inspector who will carefully evaluate your property.  It’s highly likely that they will find evidence of the hail damage and you’ll be forced to either replace the roof or dramatically lower the sale price if you wish to keep the sale intact.

Fiction: The hail was small; it couldn’t have caused any damage.

Fact: Hail of all sizes can cause issues.  When in doubt, get an evaluation to ensure that you are covered, if in fact your home has experienced hail damage.

Fiction: I can get a new roof for free if the contractor offers to pay my deductible for free.

Fact: Anyone who offers to do this in the state of Minnesota is breaking the law.

Fiction: I have a year to file a claim after the damage has occurred.

Fact: This varies from company to company.  Some are less and others will go over the year mark, especially if a large geographical area was affected.

Fiction: My neighbors were able to get a hail damage claim approved on their property.  Mine should be a no-brainer.

Fact: Hail damage is sporadic and each property needs to be evaluated individually.  Policies and insurance companies can also vary.

Unsure if the construction company you’re being approached by is reputable or not?  Check out our blog addressing storm chasers:


Tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects. Call us now at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at to schedule a free in-home estimate for your home improvement needs today!



Slashing Summer Energy Costs

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With energy costs ever on the rise, it’s not a bad idea to thoughtfully examine your home to see how you can save without having to forego air conditioning. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips on how keep your summer energy costs in check while helping the environment, since the Department of Energy speculates that half of a household’s energy consumption is from heating and cooling.

INSULATION- Insulation in your attic acts as a preventative to keep the sun’s heat that hits your roof, especially in the summer, from filtering into the rest of your home, which in turn, will make your air conditioner work harder.  According to ENERGY STAR, the proper amount of insulation that is installed correctly can lower your energy bills by as much as 20%.  Insulation shouldn’t be limited to your attic.  Your walls and basement also benefit from insulation.  (Learn more at:

WINDOWS- All windows are NOT created equally, particularly when it comes to energy efficiency.  Windows best suited to provide insulation and increase your home’s energy efficiency are those that are triple paned. This means they contain 3 panes of glass that are separated by air spaces. They’re a great way to save on your energy bills because they have more surface area, which is used to absorb both warmth and cold putting less stress on your home’s furnace and air conditioner. Lindus Construction is the exclusive home of the SEASONGUARD window.  The SeasonGuard window’s patented design allows for solar heat gain in the winter which naturally keeps your home warmer.  In the summer, SeasonGuard windows deflect sunlight, lowering your energy costs.Vinyl and wood frames will work much better than those made of metal because metal is a conductor, which means it will increase the sweating issue since it will transfer the cold air indoors.  And while we’re on the topic of windows, drawing the shades during the daytime, will also keep your home cooler.  Federal Tax Credits are available on energy efficiency windows, with a maximum credit of $200.  To learn more, visit:

PREVENT AIR LEAKAGE- Did you know that a duct leaking air in your home wastes between 10-30% of cooling energy and it may require as much as one ton of AC just to overcome that leak?  Save your money and do the planet a favor-contact a RESNET EnergySmart Contractor who can give you an analysis on where & how energy is being lost in your home and which systems are operating efficiently.  They’ll also be able to suggest customized, cost saving measures that can be implemented to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  (Want to know more?  Visit:

HOME APPLIANCES- Your oven uses 2/3 more energy than a microwave so bear that in mind when you’re preparing your meals, or even better yet, grill out.  Plus, oven use raises the temperature of your home which will, in turn, make your HVAC unit work harder, raising your energy costs.  Other appliances such as a dishwashers, washers & dryers also raise your home’s temperature and your cooling costs so it’s best to use them either early in the morning or later at night when the warmest part of the day has passed.

THERMOSTAT- Control your home’s temperature while you’re at work with a programmable thermostat by setting it to revert back to your desired temperature about a half an hour before you are scheduled to arrive at home.

Lindus Construction is proud to now be RESNET certified and would like to help you in your quest for energy efficiency in your home. Give us a call at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at  to set up a free no-obligation estimate. Make sure to tune into WCCO 830AM every Saturday from 9a-10a for the Home Improvement Show with Denny Long & Andy Lindus.


Why You Should Install Double Hung Windows!

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You look through them every day and how often do you think about what impact your existing windows have on the beauty, value, and inside comfort of your home? Replacing your windows can help improve the look of your home and add long lasting value, plus save on energy bills. If you are ready for unmistakable window elegance with striking curb appeal, then SeasonGuard double hung windows are your answer. This high caliber window has a double contoured narrow-line with exclusive mortised locks and wood style coved trim around the glass that creates beauty and defines the craftsmanship you have desired in a window.


Features & Benefits of SeasonGuard Double Hung Windows

  • The signature narrow line window design provides maximum glass view areas.
  • UltraCore® polyurethane window frame insulation provides added comfort and ultimate energy efficiency.
  • Lift out sliders, with dual brass rollers featuring a stainless steel axle for years of worry free performance.
  • In-swing sashes offer added efficiency being able to easily clean the window from inside your home.
  • Provides minimal maintenance and easy operation with tilt-in feature, contoured lift-rails and pre-tensioned, dual pulley Block & Tackle balance system.
  • Advanced, triple weather-stripping seals for top efficiency performance.
  • Polyurethane window frame insulation provides added comfort and the ultimate in energy efficiency.
  • Coved interior glazing bead for added elegance and traditional design lines.
  • Enjoy added peace of mind with recessed pick resistant locks and night latches for venting.
  • Extruded aluminum screen frame with heavy-duty aluminum corner reinforcements for years of worry free performance.


How to operate your double hung windows

  • Unlock sash locks.
  • Raise lower sash at least 2-3 inches.
  • Release both tilt latches and pull top of sash toward you.
  • To tilt-in top sash ,first tilt-in lower sash. Then repeat steps 2 & 3 for top sash

Federal Tax Credit

Did you know that if you have new energy efficient windows installed in your home this year, or even had them installed last year in 2012, that you are eligible for a Federal Credit up to $200. Check out the Energy Star website for more information. At

Lindus Construction is proud to provide Minnesota & Western Wisconsin with SeasonGuard Windows. .Call us now at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at to schedule a free in-home estimate. Tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects

Your Home’s Moisture Levels-When Wetter Isn’t Better

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It’s no secret that moisture in your home can be a leading cause of health ailments such as asthma & upper respiratory conditions.  With this year’s winter dragging on and on and on, it’s a good idea to examine your home for moisture related issues that may have presented themselves over the winter months.

Beyond the health issues that excessive moisture in your home can create, it’s also vital to address issues with moisture before they negatively affect your property. There are several places where moisture can present itself, all of which can end up directly affecting your wallet & your health.

Windows & Doors: Leaking often first occurs near the corners.  Telltale signs of impending water damage include paint that is discolored or peeling.  Windows that sweat can also be
an indicator that moisture is occurring when it shouldn’t.  (For more on sweating windows: (

Roof: Any shingles that permit water to saturate your roof’s underlayment should be replaced.  Areas where this is more likely to occur are attic vents and chimneys.  Water that is visible through your ceiling may have already coated your attic floors and trusses which is why it’s so important to address any loose shingles as soon as you see them.  Another preventative measure that can be taken is investing in quality flashing.  Flashing is a slender metal bar found in roofing that acts as a water intrusion preventative in spaces where two different surfaces fit together.

Foundation: A cracked foundation is the perfect vessel to deliver water into your home.  As soon as cracks are identified and the damage has been evaluated, the cracks should be filled.

Clogged Gutters: The purpose of rain gutters is to divert rain water away from your home.  If they are clogged, the water will spill over which can result in a multitude of issues including: damp basements, destroyed landscaping, rotting wood (around windows) and icy sidewalks.  Invest in clog-free gutters such as LeafGuard and never experience this issue again.

Exhaust Fans & Venting: Exhaust fans are designed to redirect moisture from your home’s interior to the outdoors.  Be sure yours is in good working order or risk excessive moisture which cancause mold to grow, which will negatively affect your family’s health.

Sprinkler System: The purpose of your sprinkler system is to water your grass, not your foundation.  Make sure that your system’s misting pattern is directed away from your home so that water
does not land near your foundation.

Lindus Construction offers free no-obligation estimates on home remodeling projects. Call us now at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at to schedule a free in-home estimate. Tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects.




Replacing Your Windows & Siding Simultaneously

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Though the weather may not reflect it, the calendar is saying that spring has sprung!  Earlier this month, we took an entire day to get all of our employees in the same room at same time.  (With 100+of us, this can feel like quite a feat!)  “Aha moments” are always abundant when we get everyone in the same room (though a JibJab video and caffeine can be of great assistance in the morning!)  One of our installers brought up the fact that there are several ways a homeowner benefits from replacing their windows and siding at the same time.  While this concept makes perfect sense in our industry, it’s not something a homeowner may even be aware of as they plan home improvement projects. 

Why it’s a Good Idea

Replacing your siding and windows in tandem allows you to achieve the best possible scenario.  It oftentimes saves you money because caulking and sealing window openings & trim and siding joints will only need to happen once.  This saves you in labor costs by not having this work performed twice.  Because these two projects are so often done concurrently, it’s fairly easy to find a contractor that can perform both tasks which also saves you by not having to hire two separate companies.  Another way you save by replacing siding and windows synchronically is in energy costs.

Protecting Your Home if the Work Must Be Performed Separately

If you’ve already had the siding replaced and are now noticing that your windows aren’t as energy efficient as they once were, there are still ways to protect your siding during the removal of the old windows.  One method is to install window trim around current windows when the new siding is installed.  This prevents the new siding from protruding the nailing fins.  This means that when the old windows are removed only the window trims will need to be removed, leaving the siding undisturbed.  Installing window trims with screws, rather than nails, can also minimize damage during the window removal process.

Tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your windows:

  • You hear your windows rattling when it is windy outside
  • You notice your windows develop an icy or frosty glaze inside the window pane
  • You feel your home becomes drafty with cold air in the winter months and warm air in the summer months
  • You see excessive condensation on your windows or they become fogged
  • You have to prop your windows open because they will not stay open on their own


Tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your siding:

  • You are adding on to your home
  • Your current siding looks weathered and constantly needs new paint
  • Existing siding has extensive insect damage or dry rot
  • Current siding has stains or has weathered unevenly
  • Existing siding shows signs of buckling or decay.


Looking for a professional to assist you with new windows & siding?   Let the professionals at Lindus Construction help you. Call us now at 1-800-873-1451 or check us out on the web at to schedule a free in-home estimate today. Tune into AM 830 WCCO on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am hosted by Denny Long and Andy Lindus to ask questions regarding your home improvement projects.