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The Facts On Do-It-Yourself Home Demolition

If budgets are of a concern during home remodeling projects, a perceived method of saving money can be handling home demolition yourself. We’ve all seen the home improvement shows where a team of professionals demolishes an entire home in the course of a day.  It even looks fun to take your aggression out with a…
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Support Sustainable Living By Installing Environmentally Friendly Lighting Solutions

“A green home uses less energy, water, and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier for the people living inside.” -U.S. Green Building Council.    Would you like to save on your energy bills and at the same time enjoy abundant daylight that brings out the natural beauty of your home? Natural light is one of…
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Relating To Your Contractor

  When working with a contractor communication is the key to ensure the parties involved are all on the same wavelength in terms of expectations and budget.  Working with a contractor doesn’t need to be a daunting experience.  Here is advice on how to ensure that the experience runs as smoothly as possible:  Be Specific…
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Insulating Your Home Will Insulate Your Pockets

Does the thought of eliminating drafts and keeping your house nice and toasty in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer sound appealing to you? How about increasing the value in your home? There are many benefits to adding or replacing insulation in your home. Having either one of these home upgrades can significantly…
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Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off

Most homeowners have a wish list of improvements they’d like to see done to their home.  Deciding which project is a priority often comes down to the highest return on investment.  Having this information will allow you to determine which project(s) should be a priority.  Improvements with the Highest Return on Investment (80% or more)*:…
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