Is Your Roof Past Its Peak?

It’s imperative to keep your roof in good working condition because it protects your home and its contents from rain, snow and sunlight.  Because your roof is a complex structure exposed 24/7 to nature’s elements, there are a variety of issues that occur with it.  It’s important to address small problems before they lead to…
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Start On Your Deck Project Now So You Can Enjoy It All Summer

What Style of Decking Fits You Best? When it comes to decking, you have a larger array than ever before and your options are far more varied than using just plain wood. Here are some options of decking materials to consider. Pressure Treated Lumber – This is the most economical approach; it is the number…
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Home Renovations That Can’t Wait

It can be tempting to put off home improvement projects because of financial constraints.  However, there are some issues that if not addressed can lead to thousands of dollars in replacement & repair costs. Roofing Issues: It’s important to address minor roofing issues before they become significant.  Calling a professional allows you to determine whether your roof needs…
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THEY’RE BACK…Box Elder Bugs And Asian Lady Beetles!

  Box Elder bugs and Asian Lady Beetles have come out of the woodwork this time of year. Due to our warm fall and early spring, this year they are extra active.  Box Elder bugs and Asian Lady Beetles don’t just magically appear in your home – they have to get in somehow. The best…
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The Facts On Do-It-Yourself Home Demolition

If budgets are of a concern during home remodeling projects, a perceived method of saving money can be handling home demolition yourself. We’ve all seen the home improvement shows where a team of professionals demolishes an entire home in the course of a day.  It even looks fun to take your aggression out with a…
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